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Seo Services

iPhone Mend is pleased to announce our partnership with Website Marketing Pros for Seo Services.

seo services

Website Marketing Pros has been offering online digital marketing services since 1995.

Now, iPhone Mend customers can receive substantial discounts from the premier SEO agency, who has been servicing clients for almost 23 years.  Learn more about digital marketing here.

Real Seo Services Offered

The benefit to your company with our seo services is a real team who knows what they are doing.  And, will help get your company listed in Google, Yahoo, and Bing the correct way with the correct backlinks and marketing.

It’s 22 Years of SEO Experience That Matters

We study Google and other search engines on a regular basis and no what to do in the event your website starts to lose traffic.

Other seo services companies have truly no idea what they are doing when it comes to Google penalties.

Different  Seo Services Packages for Different Budgets

We fully understand your business needs help and this is why we offer different packages at different price ranges.

We do this because we want to work with you and make your company successful.  You can surely start out on a lower tier package and then upgrade to a larger more robust package later on when it suits your company.

Full Google Analytics Tracking

If you cannot tracking, you cannot understand it.

We know Google analytics inside and out and use it to help your business progress on the internet.

It’s something that makes all the difference to your online marketing and we help you here Bigtime!

When you have the right tracking in place you begin to understand your customers much better.

Proper Website Structure

We help you restructure your website so your visitors and Google can understand it better.  This needs to be done for two reasons.  1. for your visitors so they can find everything they are looking for on your site.

And 2., for search engine robots so they can understand your website better.

If your site is a real spaghetti mess of links then no one will understand what it’s all about.  We help you make sense for all.

Real Relevant Backlink Building

Many so-called Seo firms out there will build junk backlinks that Google doesn’t like and may penalize your site for.

We build links to your website that stand the test of time.

So even many years after we are done you can sleep at night knowing you will not lose your rankings due to crappy spammy links being built.

Press and PR

One of the things many other firms miss is PR or public relations.

You have a real business and can benefit from public relations.

We help you build proper PR with real tried and true methods that get your company results and free publicity.

And this is worth its weight in Gold to any company.

No contracts Ever

We do not offer any contracts ever for our work.  You can go on a month by month basis and have us perform the work when you are ready.

However, we do recommend a minimum of 6 months for your campaign length to start seeing serious progress.

Take Your Website To The Next Level

happy with seo

You may have a website you think is good but getting you no leads or customers.

This is where we come in.  We can offer seo consulting services as well to help you get leads and customers from your website.

It’s not just about Seo also.  Your website has to be able to properly catch leads once you start getting seo traffic.

Website Marketing Pros are experts at conversion optimization as well.

This is the process of getting people to take action on your website and either fill out a form or call you about your products and services.

Make no mistake at all, we can help.  We have serious experience in this business and were doing it way before it was ever popular.

Get in contact today and we can help with SEO services for your business.

Call us and get your quote!

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