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iPad Screen Repair

If You need iPad screen repair, the screen is one of the most delicate things in this device. Apple makes their devices pretty healthy, but they can break from being dropped or hitting against something.

We do iPad Screen Repair

It’s all too easy and familiar to crack a screen and need to have it repaired.

You can drop it off to us and let us take care of any mess, while your mind is at ease.

We know that your i pad is most likely out of warranty and getting another one is out of the question.

iPad screen repair
Call the professionals today.

We come in at the right price which is usually cheaper than most other stores and going to Apple.

Also, don’t forget your irreplaceable data on your device, is the most significant reason to fix your machine.

There are also different screens for each model Apple makes. If you give us a call, we can help you figure out what screen you need. Some devices are more accessible to replace than others.

We try hard to make everything affordable for everyone, but sometimes the cost of the screen outweighs everything. We can help you figure out what everything is going to cost, so there are no surprises before you have your device repaired.

Even if you dropped your device and there is a dent in the side of it we can work to repair that also. We can usually re-bend the frame back to where it was; this is often a small cost to do this. We have worked on many which were bent and were able to fix.

We are your Specialists

If you are in need of having your iPad fixed or any other apple repair, then give the professionals a call. We have been in the computer repair business over 20 years and very experienced.

Our professional screen repair iTechs are standing by to help you every weekday at iPhone Mend. Just call us at 440 777 7881.

We are located in North Olmsted, Ohio 44070, just near Cleveland, Ohio. Which is just west of Great Northern Mall on Lorain road. We are also on the same side of the street as Fish Furniture just a couple of doors away.

If you want to attempt fixing your device yourself, check out this video which can give you a little insight into what it takes.  We caution you an iPad, and iPhone repair can be severe.

Just make sure you find your correct model and always think about the digitizer. It could just be the outer screen also and not the inner workings of your device.

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