SmartPhone Repair

smartphone repairWe are your one stop smartphone repair shop located just west of Cleveland, Ohio.  We service many different types of smart phones including all apple I-phones.

Smart phones are a great piece of technology and we want to help you get yours working once again.

Did you crack you screen?

If so we can help repair your screen back to new again.  Imagine, you will be using your smart phone again in no time at all with our service of smartphone repair.

Or maybe you thought about fixing your broken screen yourself, well it can be a little harder then you think.  We are professionals and will have your phone back to you in good working order with a brand new screen.

Call the smartphone repair professionals.

Don’t just let your beautiful smartphone sit there with a broken screen or whatever, Call us today and we can help you get your smart phone running great again.

Quality Parts

We use quality parts for all smartphone repairs.  This helps ensure you get your smartphone back without the worry or hassle of cheap parts.  Using the best parts is what we do.  We make sure our customers get the best when it comes to all of our smartphone repairs.

Dedicated Smartphone Repair Team

Our team of technicians, live and breath smartphone repair.  They are always reading about the latest phone technology.  This way, if you bring us a newer type of phone, we know exactly what do do with it.

Ask Us Any Questions

Our staff is not only always learning about new phones, we know just about everything there is to know about them. And, if you have any questions, just pick up the phone and call us.  We will always answer any questions you have even before you bring in your smartphone for repair.

Repair and Quality Guarantee

What really sets us apart from the competition is our service guarantee.  Most phone repairs are warrantied for up to 90 days.  If you have any further problems, either bring it back to us or call us.  We will be happy to investigate the problem and see what needs to be done with your smartphone repair.

iPhone Mend is a dedicated team ready and able to fix most phone problems you might have.  Wireless phone have become a lifeblood to many people and this is why we take great care of your phone and your data.  By the way, let us know if you have any sensitive data on your phone.  If you do we will make sure to back up your data before working on your phone.

Call 440 777 7881