Phone Repair – All Models Fixed

Phone Repair Experts In Business Since 1993

phone repair modelsWe are phone repair experts ready to handle all of your repair needs for your phones.

Currently our services include, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy repair, LG’s, ipad repair and droid tablets.

We have been involved in technology and had our computer repair shop since 1993 located in North Olmsted, Ohio.

Our business is also one of the only repair shops in the Cleveland area who are certified to fix phones.

Our Owner & President is Also A Technician
phone repair certification

Mike Parikh is our owner and lead phone repair technician. Mike performs phone repair every single day here at iPhone-Mend.

If you ever have any question at all, about your phone just give Mike a call and he will be very happy to answer any question you have.

Warranty & Guarantee

We also offer a piece of mind guarantee for our work if you should ever need it. For Apple products the guarantee is 90 days.

Call For Advice

If you should ever need anyone to call about your phone you can call and talk to us anytime.

We troubleshoot phones on a daily basis and if we can save you money and time we will be honest and let you know.

If it’s going to cost to repair your phone just as much as it would be to get a new one we’ll tell you up front. Nothing is ever hidden from the customer.

Our Repair Troubleshooting Process
Mike fixing a phone

Mike Parikh – Owner of iPhone Mend

We know exactly what your phone means to you. You might be running a business or you just have a personal phone. Either way we want you to know we take your phone and data very seriously. We ask and always make sure if we need to backup your data on your phone. This way you do not use valuable information in your life.

If your screen is broken that may be all it is we need to replace. But, once a phone is dropped and damaged the whole DNA of the phone in effect changes and that phone may never go back to being the exact same it was when it was first made.

If you have issues like no sound or something else we always ask about the exact issues going on and then try to figure out exactly what’s wrong. Many times we get it correct right away but sometimes we might need a little more time. This all depends on how bad your phone is damaged.

Appointments & While You Wait Service

We also take appointments and find this works very well for customers and ourselves. Just give us a call and ask for an appointment and we will do out best to accommodate you. When making an appointment your repair will be done while you wait.