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iphone repairDid you ever try to use your iPhone and couldn’t see through the screen.  Maybe it’s water damage or maybe it’s cracked.

Either way we can help.  There are other repair shops in town, but none that are backed up by one of the oldest PC Repair companies in Cleveland.

We are a division of PC Repair on Wheels.  And we can help get your iPhone back to good working order once again.

We have Itechs, who will look at your phone a give you an honest estimate and evaluation about how much it’s going to cost and what needs to be done with your iPhone.  So rest assured we are serious I Technicians and can help you today.

We work hard to get your iPhone Repair done on-time!

We know your Iphone is important to you and maybe you are a Doctor or a Lawyer and need your phone for business.  Well, you can ask any of our customers, we work hard to get the repair done right and on-time.

We handle most iPhone models!

all iphone modelsWe can handle all iPhone models for repair.

Although the first iPhone is usually hard to fix because it’s considered un-repairable, we handle every other model.

We can handle:

What we can fix on your iPhone:

  • Glass & LCD Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Camera Replacement
  • Earphone Jack Replacement
  • Home Button Replacement
  • Power Button Replacement
  • Microphone Replacement
  • Dock Connector Replacement
  • Speakers Replacement
  • Volume Button Replacement

Call us today for a free no obligation quote to fix your iPhone.

Diagnostic Charges May Apply.

440 777 7881.

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iPhone5 repair

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