Computer Support

We also offer computer support for you home or business. We can work on your laptops, desktops and printers if you need us to.

Our techs are certified and experienced, each technician has over 20 years experience with a combined total of 60 years experience.

Home Office Support

We can provide computer support in your home office. Many people work from home these days and we are your IT department providing support when needed. It’s hard to find a decent experienced computer technician so we are the answers to your IT prayers.

Business Support

We also provide on site service for computers as your business office as well. Just give us a call and explain the issue and we’ll get you taken care of it.

Same Day Service

If you call and need a technician on site by today we can usually accommodate any business on the same day. Just call and ask us.

Appointments available

If you call us we can schedule an appointment with a technician today to be on-site by tomorrow or whatever day you need them there. We schedule appointments usually from 10 am to 3:30 pm. Call us if you have any other needs.

Computer Training Available

We get many phone calls from people who want to be trained on computer software programs, windows and more. We can either provide in house training or come to your location and help you learn that new software program you have sitting on your computer.

Desktop Computer Repair

A common computer many people still have in their homes is the desktop computer. We can help you repair your desktop back to new again.

Computer Virus Repair

If your computer has been running slow and other things have been going on like, it shuts off all by itself or other weird things happen. Your computer could have a virus. Just let us know the exact symptoms you are having and we’ll do our best to restore your computer back to normal.

See here for our in-shop computer repair.

We can also perform laptop repair.